Apparel Maker Wants To Help U.S. Manufacturing One Blue Shoelace At Time

 A New York City apparel maker wants to make a Made in America fashion statement by producing blue shoelaces to raise awareness of the struggle faced by U.S. manufacturers, much the way the rubber bracelet has been used in the fight against cancer.

The so-called Blue Lace Project, started by apparel manufacturer Flint and Tinder to prove to the industry that Americans will buy American when possible, is currently on Kickstarter, accepting contributions to make its vision a reality.  At the launch of the campaign, the group wanted to raise a mere $25,000 to get manufacturing going. So far, they’ve surpassed their initial goal by nearly 600 percent and growing.

What money the group makes off the blue laces will go toward breaking “the ongoing cycle of outsourcing, offshoring, and making things cheaper, faster, and worse,” according to a recent blog.

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