Uncle Sam Really Wants Cheap Overseas-Produced Crap

Uncle Sam can't seem to be bothered about walking the “Buy American” talk, sending more than $1.5 billion overseas to purchase uniforms for a wide range of U.S. government employees -- from TSA workers to members of the armed services. 

Despite calls upon U.S. citizens to put their money where their homes are, the federal government fails to honor their own requests, a recent New York Times story concludes. 

U.S. Department of Labor officials say one thing -- that U.S. federal agencies employ policies of zero tolerance for overseas manufacturers who flout the laws of their own land. But suppliers to Uncle Sam operating out of Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, etc., continue to thumb their nose at these “mandates” without sanction. 

Why? There is really no law prohibiting the federal government from contracting sweatshops to clothe federal workers. It cares more about getting the best price than using suppliers with the highest ethical business standards. Ugh.