Members of Congress are back in their home districts for the month of August and many are holding town hall meetings and other events to meet with We, the People.  

Here is a list of Congressional home district events through August 25th - our opportunity to let Congress know they should oppose "Fast Track" - a critical issue affecting our jobs, sovereignty and Constitution.


Christians face routine persecution in nations President Obama seeks to reward with economic integration through the TransPacific Partnership. The State Department and first hand accounts document how the Islamic Sultanate of Brunei, Malaysia and the communist government of Vietnam pursue official policies that persecute Christians and promote anti-Semitism. Yet the White House wants to give these countries special privileges that surpass what Americans enjoy.

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If President Obama attempts to get “fast-track authority” to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, through Congress before attending the summit meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, in October, he can anticipate strong opposition from Rand Paul as well as from the senator’s father, former Republican congressman Ron Paul of Texas.


Dinesh D’Souza, author of ‘Obama’s America,’ blasts TPP, saying “Obama’s TransPacific Partnership agreement will put American businesses at a competitive disadvantage to foreign businesses.  TPP serves Obama’s agenda that puts globalist interests before America’s.”

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When Congress returns from recess in September, President Obama will ask it to outsource its Constitutional responsibilities and grant him unprecedented powers to sign so-called "trade" agreements with foreign countries without consulting Congress.  The White House will be able to tell Congress what it must vote on - without amendments - and even when.  It's called "Fast Track" trade


Guest blogger Todd Lipscomb of MadeinUSAForever.com answers the question "Why does Made in USA make a difference?"


While there is still a debate about how much reshoring is actually taking place, there is no doubt it is happening, especially in the seven tipping-point industries that the Boston Consulting Group  predicted would reshore: transportation goods, appliances and electrical equipment, furniture, plastic and rubber products, machinery, fabricated metal products, and computers and electronics. Guest blogger Michele Nash-Hoff explores why more companies aren't reshoring.


Our middle class is the backbone of our national economy. But our middle class is under siege.  This situation is directly caused by the growth of our trade deficit, as thousands of our factories have been moved abroad. Guest blogger Todd Lipscomb of MadeinUSAForever.com writes that he saw firsthand that countries like China, Korea and Japan are purposely targeting the USA's manufacturing sector.


The U.S. is aggressively trying to advance the ‘mother of all FTAs’:  the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  TPP could very likely dwarf the negative impacts from all prior FTAs combined, including the still notorious multilateral NAFTA (which went into effect in 1994) and the multilateral CAFTA (signed in 2003), writes guest blogger Leo Hindery.


China is destined to overtake the United States as a global superpower, according to a recent global survey of 40,000 in 39 nations worldwide. The world, however, is not amused.