The former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund wonders why business leaders are silent about a catastrophic fiscal situation that threatens America's pre-eminence in the world.  But does the corporate elite really need a United States of America anymore?


President Obama cancelled his trip to the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Indonesia, blaming the government shutdown.  Obama had planned to meet with Asian leaders to sell them on the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), a corporate protectionist deal that makes the world safe for outsourcing. The standoff in Washington could end up saving American jobs if it kills the TPP.


As the battle over the Washington’s budget deficit heats up again, it is timely to point out that even a partial solution to the trade deficit would be a huge source of government revenue without raising taxes, writes Todd Lipscomb of MadeinUSAForever.com


The latest example of Speaker John Boehner’s coziness with Barack Obama is the current plan to give the President a grant of tremendous power, not authorized in the Constitution, called Fast Track. Fast Track would give the president power to sign trade agreements before Congress has an opportunity to vote on them and then unilaterally write legislation making those agreements U.S. federal law, writes Eagle Forum's Phyllis Schlafly.


President Obama is planning to ask Congress to surrender its constitutional authority and give him “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority. It's unconstitutional,  it makes a mockery of checks and balances and it gives the White House even MORE power. Everything you need to know about Fast TRack - and how we can stop it.


If we want to remain at the cutting edge of technology and innovation and maintain the critical mass of our manufacturing industry, we need to keep the R&D that fuels innovation, and we need to have effective enforcement of intellectual property rights, says guest blogger and AJA board member Michele Nash Hoff.


The USDA has lifted its long-time ban on imports of processed chicken from China, so those chicken nuggets, chicken strips and chicken breasts on store shelves and restaurant menus will be coming from you-know-where. BUt don't worry, their safety wil be certified - by Chinese inspectors!


Using the job-killing TransPacific Partnership as a bargaining chip to gain support for a strike against Syria would be business as usual in Washington.  Presidents of both parties have long sold out the interests of American workers and small businesses to fulfill their Great Game of Geopolitics.


U.S. federal agencies involved in economic data are on the verge of classifying companies that outsource their production overseas as domestic manufacturers, even though none of their manufacturing is in the United States.  Under this new scheme, imports by American companies that outsource their production to foreign manufacturers would no longer be counted as imports.  Manufacturing & Technology News has the shocking details.


Joel Salatin is a champion of small farming techiques that make money and make food. In this video he says there's a tremendous opportunity in farming - and with new portable farming technologies you don't even have to own land to make it work.