Many products identify where they were made.  But what does “Made in USA” really mean? Guest blogger Tom Bonine of the National Metal Fabricators says there is a lot more to this simple phrase than most people realize.


Misguided federal policies, the offshoring of our manufacturing sector and the rise of the service-based economy are responsible for America's high unemployment and anemic economy.  Guest blogger Michele Nash-Hoff, AJA Board member and author of Can American Manufacturing be Saved? nails it. Read on.


President Obama meets with China's communist boss Xi Jinping today. We can now safely assume Obama will be asking Xi for tips on how to spy on American citizens more effectively.


On Thursday June 6, two days after the slaughter of 3,000 unarmed student protestors in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, President Obama will be schmoozing the ideological heir to this massacre at the ultra-swank Sunnylands resort near Palm Springs California.


China’s communist rulers don’t depend on an invisible hand to direct the economy – they use an iron fist.  While our ‘best and brightest’ regurgitate 18th century nostrums as 21st century economic wisdom, China locks up crucial resources and industries around the world.


The sale of Smithfield to China’s Shuanghui Group should make you very afraid.  And it’s not because there will be antifreeze in your Christmas ham.  It’s even worse.


About 200 U.S. lawmakers plan on urging the White House to champion provisions minimizing currency manipulation to be included in the evolving Trans-Pacific Partners trade deal that now involves 11 other Asia-Pacific region countries, including Japan.


A coalition of U.S. consumer groups representing a wide range of interests -- from environmentalists to Internet activists -- recently raised concern over a burgeoning U.S.-European Union free trade agreement that it would undermine existing environmental, health, safety and Internet privacy regulations, among others.


Yes, Virginia, American manufacturing can save the day but only if our nation effectively closes six gaps -- education, gender, policy, training, perception and growth. That's what one manufacturing company head honcho contends in an Inc.com blog.


Don’t be fooled by Apple propaganda about its new Made in the USA offering and how much the computer giant gives back to America. The company, which continues to outsource much of its manufacturing overseas, has no qualms about dodging federal U.S. taxes, preferring to go through Ireland, which has done little if nothing technologically to help the behemoth get where it is today. So much for loyalty to one’s own country.