Fashion designer Nanette Lepore would like nothing more than to see her designs for J.C. Penney manufactured stateside but even a staunch supporter of New York City's garment sector can't control shoppers' appetite for inexpensive clothing produced overseas. 


U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman doesn’t mean a word he speaks about trade policy, according to former Reagan administration trade adviser Clyde Prestowitz. The latest leak of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact draft proves it.


While most politicians go out of their way to avoid the term “trade war,” the fact is the United States is currently engaged in just such a battle. Unfortunately, the U.S. is unilaterally disarming in this very real  trade war with China.


Barack Obama told us 'if you like your health insurance you can keep it.' Now he wants us to trust him on something else - he is asking for fast track authority for the Trans Pacific Partnership. Consider that to be another version of “you have to pass this to see what is in it,” writes Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips. 


Members of Congress are back home this week.  See where your member of Congress will be and let them know we don't want them to give President Obama 'fast track' power!  See the list of public events members will be holding in YOUR district. 


President Barack Obama will soon submit to Congress a draft bill that would set aside Regular Order and grant him Fast Track Trade Negotiating Authority, also called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). It would give him vast new powers, and must be stopped, writes guest blogger Pat Choate.


The 'experts' have been telling us the U.S. doesn't need to manufacture things because we excel at innovating - coming up with new products and technologies.  But the Masachusetts Institutue of Technology finds that the loss of manufacturing is crippling our ability to innovate.  A shocking story from Manufacturing & Technology News.


Over the past forty years, power, money and greed have corrupted our elected government officials at every level. Members of both parties act as if their jobs are nothing more than a big political game. They’re so focused on insulting the other side and getting their own agendas passed that they forget who they’re supposed to be working for: the United States public.


President Obama wants 'fast track' power to unilaterally negotiate commerce with foreign countries and ram the TransPacific Partnership through Congress.  In the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton explains how this is unconstitutional - and why.


The former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund wonders why business leaders are silent about a catastrophic fiscal situation that threatens America's pre-eminence in the world.  But does the corporate elite really need a United States of America anymore?