Roger Bybee, In These Times While President Obama and most Congressional Democrats are allowing the Republicans to define America’s most urgent crisis as the budget deficit, the nation’s job deficit grows more dire day by day with no clear, forceful direction coming from the White House
Karen Hansen-Kuhn, The Register Citizen Barack Obama’s trade policy, as embodied by the pending U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement, sadly resembles George W. Bush’s blueprint. It promotes export growth and investment at the expense of local economies and resilient food systems. This is unfortunate, not only because it fails to deliver the “21st-century” trade agenda President Obama promised on the campaign trail, but also because it ignores some of the key lessons from NAFTA and the 2008 global food price crisis.
WASHINGTON, DC – Representative Mike Michaud, Chairman of the House Trade Working Group, released the following statement in reaction to the U.S. Department of Treasury’s semi-annual report to Congress on International Economic and Exchange Rate Policies, which did not list China as a currency manipulator:
Letters to the Editor, The Kansas City Star
Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck, Reuters The World Trade Organization has ruled against some U.S. labeling regulations for meat sold in supermarkets, saying they discriminate against foreign suppliers, people close to the case said on Thursday.
Jack Torry, The Columbus Dispatch They come from the same state. They were educated at elite Ivy League universities. They were elected to the U.S. Senate by many of the same voters. Yet when it comes to international trade -one of the more potent issues in Ohio -Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown and Republican Sen. Rob Portman are from different worlds.
Andrew Leonard, Salon Senator Orrin Hatch, frantically trying to position himself ever further to the right as he desperately attempts to ward off a Tea Party primary challenge in his home state of Utah, says Congress should just go ahead and approve three free trade agreements, without offering aid to American workers who might lose their jobs as a result of the new pacts.
The Des Moines Register The passage of three free trade agreements that are supported by Gov. Terry Branstad would cost Iowa thousands of jobs, one of Iowa's congressmen warned Tuesday.
David Sirota, Salon When it comes to "free" trade, Ralph Nader (among others) often makes a profound but taboo observation: "True free trade would take only one page for a trade agreement," he says before typically asking, "How come there are hundreds of pages and thousands of regulations" in these pacts?
Vicki Needham, The Hill A majority of Senate Democrats are backing a move by the Obama administration calling for reauthorization of an aid program that helps U.S. workers displaced by trade before moving ahead with three pending free-trade agreements.