Curtis Ellis, senior policy advisor with America First Policies, discusses the latest developments in President Trump's China policies and the setback for China at the recent APEC summit in Asia.

Curtis Ellis has way for year-end session to provide funding for wall

Now that Halloween and the elections are behind us, Washington is primed for another frightening spectacle: the lame duck Congress.

That’s when zombie congressmen, blasted by voters last week, return to Capitol Hill to pass laws and budgets the rest of us will have to live with for the rest of our lives.

Curtis Ellis notes how both wings of party depend on Wall Street fat cats

Will Democrats stand up for Americans, or will they block President Trump’s economic nationalist agenda? Which side are they on?


Former Trump Campaign adviser Curtis Ellis of America First Policies on the Trump administration’s trade talks with China: here.


Curtis Ellis, senior policy adviser with America First Policies, discusses the midterms on NewsMax TV - Are we Sick of Winning Yet?


Thomas Hicks, Jr. and Curtis Ellis

If you want to know why to vote Republican on Tuesday, look no further than last Friday.

That’s when the latest economic report showed America added some 250,000 jobs in just one month, beating everyone’s expectations.

Curtis Ellis hails labor union's apprentice program bolstering middle class

This is the best economy we’ve seen in decades.


Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz

There is a saying in Judaism: “Whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved the lives of all men.” It would go without saying that taking an innocent life is analogous to destroying the entire world.

Curtis Ellis slams special interests taking advantage of trade loopholes


President Trump has ended the policy of unilateral disarmament as China steals American trade secrets and dumps its products at below-market prices.