Curtis Ellis profiles U.S. cable news 'China expert' secretly on Beijing's payroll

President Trump’s confrontation with China provides a master class in communist China’s strategy to defeat the U.S. without firing a shot.


Curtis Ellis: When will the US roll back China tariffs? When Trump says so … don't be fooled by anyone else


“Safetyism” advancing under the banner of the Left is hazardous to your health.

What if someone you trusted said you were sick? What if someone you trusted made you sick so you relied on them for support?

That’s known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It’s considered a form of abuse.

Now, what if someone did all of the above to an entire nation?


Revenge of the Chair Warmers: Gov't of, by and for the bureaucracy Curtis Ellis sees insubordination in spades as coup attempt continues

What have we learned from impeachment so far?

We've learned that we don't need elections anymore. We are in post-constitutional governance.

This is government of, by and for the chair warmers.


By Curtis Ellis

This is our sandbox, say the political professionals. And we will go to any length to destroy you if you step into it.

Niccolo Machiavelli advised there was no end to conflict for the prince. Wisdom consists of choosing the option that places one in the most advantageous position for the next inevitable contest.

America’s China policy has a clear division: Before Trump and After Trump.

Before President Trump, Washington slept while China stole our jobs, our technology and our future.

President Trump sounded the alarm and declared the days of economic surrender are over.

Americans have long understood communist China has been ripping us off.

Curtis Ellis explains 2 issues lawmakers claim to have with USMCA

President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, pushed NAFTA through Congress 25 years ago.

He promised it would create millions of jobs and help Mexico become a prosperous customer for what we make in America. He was wrong.


By Curtis Ellis

A Declaration of Independence from China

Anyone who says businesses can’t move supply chains is wrong. They moved them to China a few years ago. And they can move them again—and put America first.  

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has forgotten nothing and learned nothing.

Republicans Have the Prescription for America’s Healthcare Problem

Repealing the Cadillac Tax is a big tax cut for working families. It’s also a big win for middle-class workers and union members, the same people most opposed to Medicare for All.

By Curtis Ellis

The 2020 Democrats have a health care problem. We have a cure.


Three steps toward independence from China Curtis Ellis has plan to 'cut our economic ties with that foreign tyranny'


The House of Representatives passed the Hong Kong Freedom and Democracy Act in solidarity with the protesters who are fighting Communist China.

In response, Beijing has threatened to retaliate. Against us, not the protesters.