Poll: Electronics Makers To Return At Least $2.5B In Production To U.S. Soil

Yes, Virginia, there is a U.S. manufacturing revival. What industry observers suspected for a while is now backed up by numbers, at least in the electronics manufacturing realm. Re-shoring production to North America from China and other low-wage labor low-quality overseas destinations is alive and real. 


Electronics manufacturers -- especially those of printed circuit boards used in computers -- plan to return a minimum of $2.5 billion in investment back to the United States over the next three years, according to an industry group poll. 


The research puts cold hard statistics behind the anecdotes that U.S. manufacturing firms are re-shoring operations they sent overseas last decade for quality control and other reasons. 


The survey, conducted by IPC, polled 229 companies with more than $935.3 billion in revenues. It also found that since 2009, of the operations re-shored to North America, 25 percent came from China. 


Read all about it: http://bit.ly/NLFyOB.