Becoming a Lean Enterprise is Critical to Rebuilding American Manufacturing

By Michele Nash-Hoff

When I wrote the chapter on what manufacturers can do to save themselves for my first book, Can American Manufacturing be Saved? Why we should and how we can, published in 2009, one of my top recommendations was to begin the Lean journey to become a Lean manufacturer.

How To Have A Secure Supply Chain

By Michele Nash-Hoff

For more than the first 150 years of its history, the United States was a protectionist country in order to protect its fledgling manufacturing industries and then gain preeminence as an industrial nation in the 20th century.  We had secure supply chain until after WWII because we imported very little and were pretty much self-sufficient for consumer goods as well as goods for our national defense.


Imperial Capital Conference Highlights Vibrant Opportunity for Advanced Manufacturing Sector

By Michele Nash-Hoff

The non-profit Industry Reimagined 2030 was pleased to speak at the second annual Imperial Capital Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference, held on April 13-14 in Santa Monica, CA and sponsored by Moss Adams, The Association for Manufacturing Technology, Smart Room, and Marsh.

Manufacturing Renaissance: Recommendations to Bolster National Security & Economic Prosperity

By Michele Nash-Hoff

In November 2021, the Ronald Reagan Institute released a Report of the Task Force on National Security and U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness titled "A Manufacturing Renaissance: Bolstering U.S. Production for National Security and Economic Prosperity."


What are Some Ways to Reduce the Trade Deficit

By Michele Nash-Hoff

The trade deficit for 2021 with China grew 14.5% for the full year to $355.3 billion, as imports increased sharply because businesses were restocking shelves to meet robust domestic demand. This increased the decline that followed then-President Donald Trump's policies aimed at reducing the deficit with tariffs and purchase targets.

China is a Threat to our National Security

On November 17, 2021, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission held a virtual public release of its 2021 Annual Report to Congress in Washington, DC.  This report provides “a review of economics, trade, security, political, and foreign affairs developments in 2021” with a focus on the “CCP's economic and technological ambitions, the Chinese government’s evolving control of the corporate sector, U.S.-China financial connectivity and risks to U.S.

Industrial Policy Must Protect American Manufacturers

By Michele Nash-Hoff

On November 29, 2021, the Peterson Institute for International Economics released a 110-page brief, titled “Scoring 50 Years of  US Industrial Policy,  1970–2020,” which reviews “lessons learned from half a century of US industrial policy” with regard to what worked and what didn’t.  


Inventors’ Rights Must Be Restored

By Michele Nash-Hoff

Ever since the Leahy–Smith America Invents Act (AIA) was passed in 2011, there have been bills introduced in Congress with the purported purpose of restoring inventors’ rights and fixing some of the problems generated by that Act. None of these bills were passed by both the House and Senate, and most didn’t even get out of committee for a vote. A few of these bills would have actually made matters worse, so it was a good thing they didn’t pass.