Risk-taking, not 'certainty' built America: Ellis

AMERICA WAS BUILT ON RISK TAKING, NOT 'CERTAINTY' Curtis Ellis looks askance at ubiquitous claim about nature of business

Turn on any business news channel and a Wall Street analyst will tell you “business needs certainty.”

They purport to have a deep insight into the mentality of the C suite decision makers, the peregrinations of the stock market and the workings of the economy, at once serious, important and profound.


Curtis Ellis explains benefits agrarians have gained since January 2017

A mystery is stalking newsrooms across America.

Journalists are at a loss to explain why farmers, hurt by illegal, punitive tariffs from China, continue to support President Trump.

Like the astronomers who couldn’t explain deviations in Neptune’s orbit, pundits don’t know why farmers are behaving the way they do.

We don’t need a hypothetical Planet X to solve this mystery. A basic understanding of agrarian reality and the administration’s record explains the gravitational pull of Planet Trump.

Daily Caller: Debate shows Dems' problems: Ellis

The Democratic Debate Exposed A Lot Of Problems, Policies And Personalities

How far we have come.

One summer Wednesday 56 years ago, Martin Luther King stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and declared “I have a dream.”

Today, Sen. Elizabeth Warren says, “I have a plan.”

On Wednesday, we saw how her “I have a plan” campaign strategy has triggered an arms race among the candidates, each trying to outdo the other with bold, bulleted proposals addressing every conceivable problem from climate change and healthcare to women’s pay and male pattern baldness.

Why disarm in the face of China's aggression: Ellis

Curtis Ellis defends Export-Import Bank as tool to help U.S. businesses

In the face of unrestricted warfare, we cannot unilaterally disarm.

That seems like pretty basic common-sense reasoning.

But since common sense is the least common of all senses, it bears repeating.

The unrestricted warfare of which we speak is being waged by the Peoples Republic of China against the United States of America.

And the unilateral disarmament being discussed is the addled notion that the U.S. should let the Export-Import Bank die.

ELLIS: Big business is throwing a pity party over Trump tariffs

The administration continues to move forward with imposing 25 percent tariffs on China.

This week, the U.S. Trade Representative will have an open mic for seven days of public comments on the new tariffs. That will be followed by a one-week period for written comments.

Let the whining begin.

Some 300 companies — largely retailers and apparel importers — are expected to testify against tariffs.

Trump stops the globalist pillaging of America: Ellis

Curtis Ellis explains how China has perpetrated 'the trifecta of cheating'

President Trump has made it clear he will no longer allow other countries to pillage our country while flying the false flag of free trade.

Previous administrations stood by helplessly while China and other trading partners used every trick in the book to rob us blind and destroy American farms, jobs and industries.

Curtis Ellis: China's bid to control US energy resources

Seize the means of production.

That’s the classic formula for communist revolution: take control of factories, farms, and natural resources; cripple the economy; seize state power.

Red revolutionaries followed that plan in nation after nation, from Czarist Russia to Somoza’s Nicaragua.

China’s communist regime is using the same strategy in its bid to take over the world.

Rather than an “armed proletariat,” Beijing is deploying predatory trade practices to seize control of the means of production on a global scale.

History & Laundry Prove Trump Right, Critics Wrong

Curtis Ellis offers facts about policy's effect on washing machine industry

Another day, another false alarm.

That pretty much sums up the corporate media’s sky-is-falling coverage of President Trump’s America First economy.

Here are the latest installments:

The president slaps tariffs on China (as he said he would) after it refuses to stop cheating and stealing.

Pundits predict the end of the world.

Trump vs The Utopians

By Curtis Ellis

Franklin Roosevelt once said, “Judge me by the enemies I have made.”

The enemies of President Trump and his immigration, trade, and economic policies are numerous and vocal. But whether they come from San Francisco or Wall Street, whether they call themselves progressives or libertarians or just plain old Democrats, peel off the label and you’ll see what they really are: Utopians.

China's Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction

EXPOSING CHINA'S FINANCIAL WMDS Curtis Ellis describes vast array of Beijing's nefarious shell companies

China has targeted American manufacturing for extinction. Beijing’s subsidies, intellectual property theft, product dumping and hacking violate every rule in the book.

But all that is only a small part of China’s aggression.

One must look into the financial sector to begin to understand how China is undermining Western economies.

China’s communist bosses have been stashing millions of dollars in anonymous shell companies far from its shores.