China using resurgent Covid scare 'to spook' U.S.

'China put out information that Beijing's on a wartime footing because there was a second wave, because they got 57 cases of covid. This is meant for American consumption.'
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How Beijing Buys Influence

The Chinese Communist Party is adept at peeling off allies. It exploits the weaknesses of its targets to enlist them in its cause.  

The Chinese Communist Party is waging information warfare to shape American public opinion and influence our economic and government policy to their benefit.

The CCP doesn’t shape public opinion by buying billboards and TV ads. That kind of persuasion is far too American for them.

Instead, they co-opt our leaders and buy entire companies.

The corporatist cartel and its 'social justice' hypocrisy

Memo to GM's CEO: If you want to help blacks, bring their jobs back to America

General Motors CEO Mary Barra tells us her company will be focused on social injustice as well as the bottom line following the murder of George Floyd.

The Lies of Our Times Exposed

Since his appearance on the political scene in 2015, Donald Trump has drawn out the liars and hypocrites of our times and given them the space to expose their mendacity. The last few weeks have drawn out abundant examples.  

Ever since he first descended the escalator in the Trump Tower lobby, Donald J. Trump has exposed the mendacity and hypocrisy that passes for politics in America.

The candidates sharing the primary stage with him came off as wooden dummies mouthing platitudes no one believed.

The Great American Comeback has begun

How blue-state governors can save face over lockdown orders


The Great American Comeback is underway.

The latest jobs report shows the U.S. economy defied all expectations, adding more than 2.5 million jobs in May. It was expected to lose 7.5 million.

The unemployment rate fell to 13.3 percent, shedding nearly a point and a half. It was expected to rise to nearly 20%. The number of workers on temporary layoff decreased by 2.7 million in May.

May saw the greatest number of jobs created in a single month on record.

The Lie of ‘Politics-Free’ Pandemic and Pandemonium Policy

This entire “no room for politics” shtick is not merely a fraud and a lie, it’s also plainly wrong. You can’t take politics out of politics. And you shouldn’t.  

It’s hard to separate the double-talk from the double standards in these days of double trouble, especially since the double trouble is itself doubled.

The pandemic trouble has a double nature, consisting of a public health problem (which, miraculously, has evaporated—but we’ll get to that in a bit) and the economic trouble.

Countering the Chinese Communist Party's warfare

'Spinelessness' of previous presidents on dealing with Beijing brought us to this day

The Chinese Communist Party is on the march.

Its goons are crushing Hong Kong's freedoms. It's People's Liberation Army grabs territory in India, it's Navy sinking Vietnamese fishing boats and swarming Malaysian oil rigs in the South China Sea.

Dictator Xi Jinping is daring the free world to respond. He wants to see if we will stand up to the CCP and his move for global supremacy.

American Greatness: What's the matter with Mail-in Ballots?

What Do Progressives Want? It Depends on Which Ones You’re Talking About Today’s progressives diverge from the originals in their professed interest in democracy.  

Progressives are a chameleon-like group, having morphed from Republicans, to Bull Mooses (or is it Meese?) to Democrats. Now is a good time to evaluate what progressives want.

WBAP Radio: How to Hold China Accountable

It's pretty clear China covered up their role in the coronavirus outbreak. Now they're hacking into pharmaceutical companies to steal their secrets.
The problem is, so much manufacturing, especially of medicines needed to treat coronavirus, is done in China. So how can we hold them accountable?
Curtis Ellis, Policy Director for America First Policies, tells you how on The Rick Roberts Show on NewsTalk 820 WBAP Dallas.
Audio at link:

Michigan, Trump, Whitmer and the CCP

Curtis Ellis says, 'The continue-the-shutdown crew are useful idiots for the CCP'

While President Trump is working hard to rebuild Michigan's economy, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her minions are doing everything they can to destroy it.

President Trump visited a Michigan Ford Motor Company auto plant his administration had retooled into a veritable "arsenal of health care," turning out ventilators for the nation and the world.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's response? Scold the company whose name is synonymous with Detroit.