Don't believe Biden's plagiarized populist words

Why Biden's 'buy American' shtick is so brazen Joe has been selling out U.S. workers since 1980


The serial plagiarist strikes again.

Joe Biden's habit of copying other people's work and lying about his own past knocked out his previous bids for the presidency.

In his 1988 presidential bid, Biden plagiarized portions of speeches made by former President John F. Kennedy, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, D-N.Y., and British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. He'd also been cited for plagiarism in a paper he submitted during law school, the Washington Post reports.

And as for his law school career, Biden was caught lying about that. He claimed he had a full scholarship, graduated in the top half of his class and earned three degrees. In truth, he had only a partial scholarship, graduated near the bottom of his class and never earned three degrees.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Last year, his campaign lifted language word for word from progressive groups' websites and presented them off as its own education and environmental policies.

Now he's at it again.

Biden has spent his entire career helping global corporations move American jobs overseas.

With much fanfare, Joe Biden this week unveiled a plan to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. I can't say it's "his" plan because, true to form, he has lifted the plan from President Donald J. Trump.

President Trump has already done, or is in the process of doing, everything Biden promises to do in the "Made in America" department.

Biden says he will use the purchasing power of the federal government to coax medical supply chains back to the U.S.

Well, we know where that idea came from.

Last month, the Trump administration awarded a $354 million contract to a private American company to manufacture generic medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients used to treat COVID-19. Those drugs, like so many others, are now made overseas, mostly in China and India.

The American-made drugs will be stored in a strategic stockpile to be used in the event of shortages or emergency – another proposal Biden claims to be "his."

Then Biden says he will curtail waivers to the government's Buy American requirements. Well, President Trump did that in one of his first executive orders in 2017.

Maybe Joe didn't know that President Trump has already done these things. Or maybe he forgot.

Just like Joe forgets where he is, or in this case, where he's been.

Joe Biden has been the tribune of the globalists. As a senator from Delaware, he represented the multinational corporations used as their mail drop; they feel little loyalty to the U.S. and neither did Joe.

In 1980, he voted to reward Beijing with most favored nation trade treatment, as if it was our closest ally. Realists suspected China was only interested in obtaining America's high technology to use it against us. Not Joe.

In 1993, Biden voted for NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, ignoring warnings of a "giant sucking sound" of jobs leaving the United States for Mexico. The warning came true, but Joe continued to stand by his NAFTA until … he forgot. 

In 2000, Biden voted to make China's special trade treatment permanent, giving corporate America the green light to invest up to the hilt in China – and replace well-paid American workers with Chinese workers earning 18 cents an hour.

One senator called it "the most ill-advised piece of legislation to come to the Senate floor in my 28 years as a member of this body." Senators offered amendment after amendment to hold the CCP accountable for its religious persecution, prison labor, forced abortions and labor rights violations.

Biden voted against them all, saying, "Nor do I see a collapse of the American manufacturing economy, as China, a nation with the impact on the world economy about the size of the Netherlands, suddenly becomes our major economic competitor."

In 2013, Biden negotiated an agreement that exempts Chinese corporations selling securities in the U.S. from the same rigorous accounting and auditing standards as American companies. His agreement gives preferential treatment to fraudulent Chinese business enterprises at the expense of American investors and American companies.

In 2015, Biden was salesman for the TransPacific Partnership, the 12-nation trade deal designed to outsource more American jobs to Asia. Biden sold it with the line, "It's in our interest for China to prosper." President Trump killed it.

In 2019, who can forget Joe Biden telling us, "Come on, man – China isn't in competition with us."

Now we are supposed to believe Biden 2021 is not Biden 1980, 1993, 2000, 2013, 2015 and 2019.

No one believes Joe Biden is capable of doing whatever it is he says.

He's not capable of standing up to the crazies in the streets who want to abolish ICE, tear down our country and defund the police. He's not capable of standing up to the "teachers" union that doesn't want to teach our children in September or perhaps ever.

He's not capable of standing to the tyrants of communist government who have bought his son Hunter.

No one believes Biden will be running the show if he were elected.

We all know who will be – the radicals who control his party, control the permanent government of Washington, and control Beijing.

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