Why Kamala Harris is always laughing

It has to do with what the ChiComs know about Joe 

It's hard to know what to be most outraged about.

I'm not talking about the corporate media ginning up an outrage du jour for four plus years, from all-Mexicans-are-rapists, Putin's puppet is in the White House, kids are in cages and body bags are in the cul-de-sacs, to all cops are racists and Trump is stealing mailboxes.

Each was supposed to be the most outrageous thing you could ever imagine! It was impossible for gullible Americans to know what to be most outraged about. Of course, each was phony as a three-dollar bill.

But now we have the real thing. The revelations of the Biden family's international business dealings constitute a true cluster bomb of outrageousness.

You could be outraged by the story itself, with firsthand witnesses and documentary evidence detailing how Chinese Communist Party intelligence compromised the former vice president Americans may elect as the next president.

Perhaps more outrageous, though, is the corporate media's coverup of the most dangerous espionage threat since Benedict Arnold. Self-described journalists, broadcast, print and online, have abandoned their basic responsibility to inform and instead hide the Biden story from the public. The see-no-evil, report-no-evil attitude has led liberal whistleblowing journalist Glenn Greenwald, he who brought us the Edward Snowden revelations, to resign from the news outlet he founded after editors there demanded he remove from an article portions that were critical of Joe Biden.

Or there's Big Tech's blatant censorship, with Twitter banning the New York Post, a newspaper founded by Alexander Hamilton. Peyote priest Jack Dorsey is not alone. The Zucker-borg tech overlords have deployed a Romulan cloaking device to make the story disappear.

Then there's the FBI. Americans are just now seeing the documentation of Chinese espionage, money laundering and fraud involving the Biden family, but the nation's "premier law enforcement agency" has the evidence in its possession for a year and done nothing with it. Ditto for the Department of Justice, the CIA, National Security Agency and the Treasury Department. Why did they sit on it?

Just as outrageous is how the national security intelligence apparatus deploying its information warfare weapons domestically to manipulate American public opinion. Facebook's Zucker-borg tells Congress that intelligence agency operatives warned him to be ready for a "hack and leak" October surprise. Translation: Intel agencies, aware of the compromising material on the Bidens, gave the media the pretext – the "Russia disinformation" narrative – to bury the story.

All of the above happened, and all are red alert Defcon Five emergencies. As Vladimir Lenin famously asked, What is to be done?

On Tuesday we have a choice, and the outcome will be a tale of two cities.

If we reelect President Trump, it will the best of times and the worst of times.

Will "journalists," chastened, go back to doing their job of reporting the news rather than spewing opinionated narratives in the service of a partisan agenda they refuse to acknowledge?

Will we break up Big Media and Big Tech? At the dawn of electronic mass media era, limits on ownership wisely ensured independence and competition to prevent a monopoly from controlling what Americans read, see and hear. Information is power, and we now know the danger of concentrating that power in the hands of megacorporations that don't even consider themselves American.

Will we expose the machinations of the intelligence junta and put watchdogs back in their kennel? We will have a chance.

Will we expose and finally eliminate the Chinese Communist Party's infiltration of our institutions from Washington to Wall Street and Harvard Yard?

We will have a chance.

But if Joe Biden were to win, none of this is likely to happen. For he will owe victory to the corrupt cabals.

It will be the worst of times and the worst of times.

The scurrilous tactics of the intelligence agencies, who spied on a campaign and demonized the president with investigations predicated on falsehoods, who used our media to wage psychological warfare on the American people, will be the new normal, business as usual, another monkey wrench in the political operatives' toolbox. A Praetorian guard of spooks and wraiths from the secret world will be choosing the president and running the government.

Big Media will continue its chokehold on the news and entertainment Americans receive. It will muzzle and disappear anyone who departs from the orthodoxy.

Big Tech will expand its control over what you read or say and share with friends. It will use the data it collects on everyone, big and small, rich and poor, to ensure no one may buy or sell lest they hold the approved opinion, enforcing a version of the social credit system the Communist regime in China uses to control its population.

Just as the Chinese Communist Party has blackmail material on the Biden family, so too does the FBI and CIA. And Joe Biden knows it.

The D.C. Machiavellians will use what they have to squeeze old Joe: Step down (or acquiesce to removal via the 25th Amendment) or we will send your loved ones to prison. That's how they will place Kamala Harris in the Oval Office.

Now you know why she's laughing all the time.

But she who laughs last laughs best; we must make sure it's not her.

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