Curtis Ellis sees progressives creating 'the domestic version of an oil embargo'

How far will the left go in its quest to stop President Trump and his agenda to Make America Great Again?

We’ve seen hysterical mobs clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court, protesters swarming and screaming at senators in restaurants, airports and offices, and Democratic lawmakers vowing to repeal the tax cut behind the current economic boom.

Comedian Bill Maher wasn’t joking when he said he’d like to see the economy crash because it would help topple President Trump.

That seems to be the left’s master plan: Tank the economy to bring down Donald J. Trump.

One is reminded of the apocryphal commander in the Vietnam War who said we must destroy the village to save it.

This is the proper context for understanding the campaign against American energy resources.

Our economy depends on plentiful, affordable energy. Our food, homes, vehicles, consumer goods, communications, the world as we know it, none would be possible without ready access to energy.

America’s energy boom will fuel our economy for decades to come. American oil, natural gas, coal, corn and other resources will lower the price of fuel for our vehicles, homes and industries, ensuring good jobs and a rising standard of living for everyone.

If someone wanted to stop our economy, they would stop the supply of energy. That’s what OPEC did in the 1973 oil embargo.

Today, America is producing the energy here at home, and we have people trying to create the domestic version of an oil embargo.

Leftist billionaires are funding environmental extremists to stop the construction of the Keystone, Dakota and Atlantic Coast pipelines that fuel our economy.

The goal of the extreme left is not clean water and clean air, which everyone wants. The goal is to cripple the American economy and America itself.

If the activists were sincere in their stated concerns, they would be calling for a total boycott of the greatest polluter on Earth, China, where manufactured goods are produced from mines, clear-cut forests, factories and coal-fired power plants with no air and water pollution controls – illegal and on a scale unimaginable in this country.

The fact that these sometimes well-meaning but always misguided “environmentalists” target the United States instead of China tells you everything you need to know about the real agenda behind their campaigns.

Shutting down pipelines will stifle energy production, since there will be no way to move it from wellhead to market. It will kill skilled trade union jobs, raise home heating and electricity bills for working Americans and raise prices at the gas pump.

This is the surest way to kill the American economy.

In a classic Third World military coup, the generals seize the TV and radio stations first.

In textbook Marxist-Leninist revolutions, the rebels take over factories and farms, “the means of production,” before attacking the seat of government.

Control of critical choke points – of communications and economic activity in the above examples – provides leverage for those seeking to upset the established order.

Production and transmission of energy are critical choke points in our modern industrial society.

Today’s leftists understand that energy is the key to monkey-wrenching our economy.

Unfortunately, they will do anything to destroy President Trump, even if it means destroying our country and our way of life in the process.