Curtis Ellis hails labor union's apprentice program bolstering middle class

This is the best economy we’ve seen in decades.

Some 250,000 jobs were added just last month, beating everyone’s expectations. Wages rose at the highest rate since the Great Recession. Unemployment is at its lowest level since Americans landed on the moon. Consumer confidence is at its highest level this century.

It’s a buyer’s market for job seekers. Working Americans are the buyers, quitting their present jobs at a record pace and trading up for a better one.

Here’s how good the jobs picture is: There are more job openings than people to fill them.

If you must have a problem, this is a problem you want.

Because the solution means another win for the American people.

Skilled tradesmen, businesses and the Trump administration are stepping forward to train Americans for the better-paying jobs that are out there right now for the taking.

Thanks to these efforts, this generation and the next will earn enough to support families and keep the American Dream alive.

You’ll find the perfect example of how this works (no pun intended) in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina, the site of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The pipeline will carry clean-burning natural gas from wellheads in West Virginia to customers in Virginia and North Carolina.

It will also carry life-changing jobs and carry families into the middle class.

The pipeline just received the go-ahead, and construction is scheduled to begin next month.

But, as noted earlier, there aren’t enough people to fill the jobs that are already out there.

That’s where the Laborers International Union of North America comes in.

This labor organization represents some 40,000 skilled tradesmen and women primarily in the construction industry.

And they are teaching Virginia residents the skills they need to build the pipeline.

The training takes place in classrooms and on-the-job, combining theoretical book knowledge with practical hands-on experience.

Germany developed this classroom/workshop apprenticeship model to build and maintain a skilled workforce for its manufacturing powerhouse economy.

Unions like the Laborers spend billions teaching the next generation skills that will give them a secure job and a secure place in the middle class.

In July, President Trump borrowed a page from these successful playbooks and launched his Pledge to America’s Workers to ensure the American people have the skills and tools to fill American jobs with American workers.

Now, dozens of companies and organizations have stepped forward to train 6 million American workers. Apple, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and IBM are some of those who answered President Trump’s call.

These apprenticeship training programs are geared to the needs of the companies that hire people in the real world.

At the end of the road, students end up with skills employers want and a good-paying job.

Contrast that with today’s college-for-everyone model. Graduates end up saddled with a mountain of student debt and are only qualified to lead a seminar in gender studies victimology.

Thanks to President Trump’s economic policies, manufacturing jobs are booming, and blue-collar wages are rising faster than white-collar wages.

This is the blue-collar middle-class Trump economy.

Another promise made and promise kept by our Blue-collar Billionaire president.