Made in USA vs. Globalization

By guest blogger Todd Lipscomb of

What does it mean to be a part of a sound, strong nation? Such a nation can create real jobs for each generation, it keeps us safe at home and from threats abroad and it sustains a viable national future.

All of this seems self-evident, yet the business and political “globalization” movement kills our middle class manufacturing jobs and weakens our nation to save a few pennies.  Globalization sends our jobs and money abroad in exchange for shabby goods over at Mega-Mart! The handful of jobs that import transactions create here in our nation are low-paid retail positions, yet globalization supporters are all aglow about it. Why? Retailers and companies profit from it in the short-run, and are too naïve to understand that they are killing their own customer base when they decimate our American middle class! 

It is our USA middle class that pays most of the bills to run our government and our schools. The middle class also supports our military expenditures and is the main buyer of products that drive our economy. Every time a retailer sells America out for a foreign-made piece of junk, our nation is that much weaker.

On the other hand, we make our economy and nation stronger with each and every Made in USA purchase! The purchase is far more potent for our economy than just the initial dollar value of the item, because each maker has so many suppliers, and so on! That economic multiplier effect helps local communities across our great nation!  It creates jobs for Americans, who in turn are able to buy homes, raise families and pay taxes.

That economic benefit either stays here or heads abroad with globalization. They perceive the benefit of globalization as, simply put, pocketing the difference between our cost of doing business (jobs here) and some others nation’s cost (jobs there). The globalists always leave out the heavy cost to the environment and workers of making stuff in nations with low standards (or, perhaps, they know and do not care).

There are exceptions: When both nations and people benefit from trade, for instance USA grain in exchange for Chile’s winter grapes, there can be a mutual benefit. However, when one nation’s economy is being gutted for the sake short-term profit, that is globalization. 

Please stand with me and for Made in USA and our great nation!