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Fox Business' Varney & Co with Curtis Ellis, America First Policies policy director. President Trump understands the future of American private enterprise, our manufacturing base and our country itself is threatened by China's predatory trade practices.

Curtis Ellis, America First Policies, and Gordon Chang join "Making Money" on Fox Business to discuss USMCA and China trade deals.

Curtis Ellis, policy director with America First Policies, joins Bulls & Bears on Fox Business News to make the case for President Trump's tariffs on imports from China.


Curtis Ellis, policy director withAmerica First Policies, joins Shannon Bream on Fox News Channel to discuss President Trump's tariffs and how the president has exposed the China hoax.

Curtis Ellis joins Making Money with Charles Pyne on Fox Business to discuss the Mexico immigration deal, a huge victory for President Trump and a vindication of his negotiating style and use of tariffs.


Curtis Ellis joins NewsMax TV Now for the full hour to discuss Mexico tariffs, Biden's Jekyll and Hyde (Amendment) moment, Robert Mueller's own false statements and Pete Buttigieg undermining American democracy. Is Mayor Pete a radical wolf in sheep's clothing or just a fool?


Curtis Ellis, Policy Director with America First Policies, tells FBN's Bulls & Bears the only way Mexico will respond to President Trump is by pressuring them economically through tariffs.


Curtis Ellis, Sr Policy Advisor, America First Policies, joins Fox Business News Varney & Co to discuss President Trump announcing tariffs on Mexico.

American Thought Leaders interview with Curtis Ellis, senior policy adviser with America First Policies, discussing the rationale behind President Trump’s tariffs on China, the longer-term implications of the U.S.-China trade war—and U.S.-China relations overall.

Curtis Ellis, senior policy advisor with America First Policies, tells Fox' Varney & Co President Trump is defending American jobs, farms and industries with the 25% tariff on China imports.