Free Trade Agreements Don't Provide Benefits

The Morning Call If this trade agreement is such a great idea, why is the Trade Agreement Assistance program needed at all? Not one of the recent free trade agreements has been beneficial to the U.S., especially the Bill Clinton-signed agreement with China. The billion dollars would be better spent on our debt, propping up the dollar and doing more for our economy overall. The only thing these free trade agreements have done is make it cheaper to send our jobs overseas and raise the trade deficit. This will never happen because our current economic "experts" advising our illustrious leader believe devaluing the dollar (something we complain China does) will do the most for our economy by making our exports (what's left of them after all the previous free trade agreements) cheaper for the rest of the world to buy. The downside is that devaluing our own currency raises the price of oil, which in turn raises the price of everything else. Read original post here.