Joe The Plumber Opposes "Free Trade" Agreements

He said politicians haven't adequately addressed problems like foreclosures and unemployment, and expressed frustration with both political parties for making things worse by passing free trade agreements and implementing heavy regulations. "I'm registered as a Republican, I'm going to run as a Republican, but by God, that doesn't encompass who I am because I want to represent all Americans, said Wurzelbacher, 37, of Holland, Ohio. If elected, he said he would strive to create an environment that would attract jobs to Ohio with a competitive tax rate and simple regulatory system. He said the current tax system needs be fixed, but "they keep on putting duct tape on it." "I am not the kind of plumber that uses duct tape," he said Wurzelbacher first came to public attention after asking presidential candidate Barack Obama a tax question during the 2008 presidential race. He later went on the campaign trail with GOP candidate John McCain and other GOP candidates. He will run for office in a congressional district that stretches along Lake Erie. Two Democratic incumbents - Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland and Marcy Kaptur of Toledo are seeking their party's nomination for the job. Read original post here.