Korea Free Trade Agreement Sparks Ads Against Midland Rep. Dave Camp

Andrew Dodson, Michigan Local News A Virginia-based organization opposed to a potential Korean free trade agreement is targeting U.S. Rep. Dave Camp through a media campaign that urges the Midland Republican to vote against the legislation. The independent group, American Jobs Alliance, says it's not affiliated with any political party or labor union. Radio and television ads started popping up in the district Wednesday. Listen to the ad: AJA Anti-Free Trade Ad.mp3 "We stand with the vast majority of American people and Michigan voters who feel these free trade agreement are job killers that lead to outsourcing of industries and jobs," said Curtis Ellis, executive director of the group, which was created in April. Camp, the chair of the Ways and Means Committee, has said free trade deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama is "a sure-fire way to create American jobs by growing U.S. exports of goods and services." He, along with President Obama, estimate the South Korean deal could create 70,000 American jobs. But Ellis said he isn't buying it. "There's a direct, straight line from outsourcing jobs to budget deficit that are destroying Michigan," he said. "When we outsource our jobs, we outsource tax base. "These agreements lead to outsourcing." Radio ads will air in Traverse City, Flint, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Midland and Bay City, said Ellis. He would not disclose how much money the group is spending on the campaign. "This was just the initial buy," he said. "We will be spending more." The Obama administration has been working with Republican leaders, including Camp, to reach a settlement on the trade bills, which both sides will create jobs, according to the Detroit Free Press. Read original post here.