Newspaper Jobs Outsourced To India

One News Fairfax Media is reportedly laying off 45 workers in New Zealand and will be outsourcing the jobs to India. According to a union statement, the staffing cuts will be made throughout the country. Fairfax publishes nine daily newspapers, including The Press and The Dominion Post, the Sunday Star Times and Sunday News, and 60 community papers. The EPMU says the work will be outsourced to a creative advertising studio in India. Ten new production co-ordinator positions would be created as part of the new structure. The union says the workers currently make up straightforward or day-to-day advertisements, often from templates, for insertion in metro and suburban papers owned by Fairfax Media in New Zealand. "It's extremely disappointing that Fairfax has chosen to export these highly skilled jobs," says EPMU senior national industry officer Paul Tolich. "At a time when there is high unemployment and insecurity, it's the last thing these workers and their families need. "We know that the newspaper industry is facing challenges, and that they're looking to reduce costs and grow revenue. But local advertising relies on workers spending in their local communities." Read original post here.