Sarah Palin Calls For Balanced Trade

Howard Richman, Richman's Trade and Tax Blog The Los Angeles Times reports that Governor Palin met with Donald Trump during a May 31 visit to New York. In her remarks, she told reports that she advocated balanced trade arrangements: "What do we have in common? Our love for this country, a desire to see our economy put back on the right track," Palin told reporters. "To have a balanced trade arrangement with other countries across this world so Americans can have our jobs, our industries, our manufacturing again. And exploiting responsibly our natural resources. We can do that again if we make good decisions." Palin is now the only candidate with a program for putting America back to work. The media like to pretend that she is dumb. But the truth is that she has common sense. The American people respond to that sense when she talks to them directly, as she did when she won the the October 2, 2008, Vice Presidential debate. (If you're not convinced of the debate outcome, watch this focus group.) Some commentators put Palin in the same category as Minnesota Congressman Michelle Bachmann, since both advocate balanced budgets and enjoy Tea Party support. But Bachmann lacks common sense. In fact, she is an ideological free trader. In a blog entry, Bachmann wrote: Furthermore, the role of free trade as an expression of liberty and opportunity for all individuals signifies the very principles our country was founded upon.... What nonsense! The American government was founded upon tariffs, which were enshrined in the U.S. Constitution as a chief way for the federal government to collect revenue. Bachmann doesn't even know her history! But it is the present that concerns me. Bachmann would continue giving American industry away to China and the other mercantilist countries for ideological reasons. In contrast, Palin advocates balanced trade arrangements which would lead to the recovery of American industry and the resumption of American economic prosperity. I hope that Palin seeks out economic advice from others who have the common sense to advocate balanced trade, people like Tea Party congressional candidate Jack Davis, a 78-year-old self-made manufacturer. In a May 15 speech, Davis briefly outlined his career: I served in the Marine Corp and as an officer in the United States Coast Guard. In 1964, I founded the I Squared R Element Company which I own and manage. I started the company in my garage. Our United States competitors were two large multinational corporations, Carborundum and Norton. Everyone said I would not survive. Well I proved them wrong. Those multinational corporations no longer exist and my company is thriving. I Squared R is the world-leader and now the only United States manufacturer of silicon carbide heating elements. Like Palin, he is an advocate of more balanced budgets and more balanced trade. Later in the same speech, Davis pointed out: American companies will not hire American workers until they have a level playing field. Manufacturing companies need trade balancing tariffs to be competitive with the predatory trade policies of foreign countries, like China…. The White House and Congress are controlled by the money from multinational corporations and by Wall Street. They will not control me. I cannot be bought. Good economic advice is hard to find. If Palin is looking for an adviser with common sense who can draw from vast experience in the real world economy, Davis could be her best possible choice. Read original post here.