Sen. Sherrod Brown: Obama "Wrong" On Trade

The Columbus Dispatch Sen. Sherrod Brown officially broke with President Barack Obama today on the issue of trade, saying the president “is wrong’’ by supporting free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia. In a news conference with reporters on Capitol Hill, Brown, D-Ohio, accused the Obama administration of engaging in a “continuation . . . slightly changed,’’ of the trade policies of former President George W. Bush. “The president is wrong on this,’’ Brown said. In a debate in Cleveland during his 2008 campaign, Obama vowed to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico unless they agreed to substantial revisions. Once in office, Obama dropped the idea. Obama is now urging Congress to approve free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia that were largely negotiated by the Bush administration. But Obama also wants Congress to extend financial help to workers who lose their jobs because of trade. Brown, a consistent opponent of NAFTA and permanent normal trade relations with China, wants Congress to approve the financial help for workers before taking on the trade pacts themselves. He said he would vote against the South Korean pact. Read original post here.