Trade Agreements Bad For Our Economy

Gary Korn, La Crosse Tribune In Colombia last year, 51 trade union leaders, organizers and activists were murdered for their pro-worker activity. That’s more than all the rest of the world combined. So how does the U.S. respond? Congress will probably vote in July on a so-called free-trade agreement with Colombia to reward it for its behavior. This agreement was negotiated under President George W. Bush but never voted on by Congress. President Barack Obama got the Colombian government to promise to improve their record of murdering union leaders, but there is no enforcement mechanism. What’s wrong with us? Why are we rewarding this atrocious human rights record? In addition, Congress also will likely vote on a new trade agreement with South Korea. This agreement is projected to cost some 170,000 jobs and further increase our disastrous international trade deficit. What’s the advantage to American workers? There may be more profits to be made for U.S. multinational corporations but no advantages to ordinary workers and farmers! Why would Rep. Ron Kind support such agreements? Whose side is he on? Kind, please rethink your position and stand with us, the working families of western Wisconsin, and vote against these trade agreements that will eliminate even more of our jobs in this area. Read original post here.