Our Stories

The American Jobs Alliance is about millions of Americans just like you. We come from all walks of life. We live in all parts of the United States – in cities, suburbs and the country. We share a commitment to bringing jobs back to America. The American Jobs Alliance is not about a political party. It’s about people. The American people.

Known as “Mom” at work. 32 years at Transicold. Single mom, raised 2 daughters, 5 grandkids, 3 great-grandkids. Job outsourced to Asia. Her last words to her co-workers: “Don’t let this place take your pride away. You made it what it is.”

2 children, 5 grandchildren. Production worker for 28 years at Trico. Job moved to Mexico, now worries about health insurance.

Mayor of Waynesville, Ohio, Vietnam veteran and retired Delphi employee. (Click on image at left to view video of Mayor Issacs)

Machinist at Carlyle for 20 years. Earned $45,000 a year. Father and brother worked there too. Company moved to Asia. Wonders how he’ll put his son through college.

Mother of 2. Quality control inspector at Carrier. Earned $47,000. Job sent to Asia, now unemployed.

49, father of 2. Machine operator for 25 years. Job outsourced to Asia. “What are you going to do with all the regular people? Not everybody can be a doctor or a lawyer.”

55, metal fabricator. 30 years on the job. Earned $78,000, raised a daughter and 2 sons. Job outsourced to Asia, now retraining.

Machinist at Carbon Graphite Co. Earned $60,000.

60, father of 1. Machine repairman for 38 years. Earned $55,000. Job outsourced to Mexico.

58 father of 2. Machine set up & operator for 28 years. Job outsourced to Asia, worried about insurance for his wife who can’t work. “Somebody’s got to do something or we won’t have any jobs left.”